Further Conversations (Week of Jan 23)

This week I continued to have email conversations with representatives from the local arts organizations. I heard back from Heather Bryce, an expert I interviewed last semester who partners as a teaching artist at the Durham Arts Council, as well as running her own arts organizations. Ms. Bryce told me she was unaware of any current opportunities at the Durham Arts Council, but said I should reach out to another representative to get more information. She did inform me that there will be some administrative work available at her organization, Teaching Artists Connect, in the fall. I will look into those opportunities for next year, but for right now I am still in search of volunteer work for the spring.

After speaking to Ms. Bryce, I reached out to Katie Starr, another representative from the Durham Arts Council to see if there were any spring opportunities available that Ms. Bryce was unaware of. Unfortunately, the earliest available opportunities are for the DAC’s summer camp. Although I can’t volunteer with the DAC right now, I am super excited to look into volunteering at their summer camp!

When I spoke to Lillianna Hoffman, the Education Coordinator for the Carrboro Arts Center, I was initially excited to learn that there are opportunities available to volunteer at their arts program; however, unfortunately the only dates available were on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which interferes with my track practices so I am unable to participate.

Fortunately, after speaking withTiana Sutton, the Associate Artistic Director of the NCAIA program, I found that there may be some spring opportunities that work with my schedule! Ms. Sutton has been incredibly informative and helpful, and told me that there are dance classes on Saturdays that I would be able to volunteer at as an assistant teacher. This is the perfect opportunity for me to work as a dance instructor and learn how to teach! We are still talking about details and dates for the program, but I am super excited to work with the NCAIA and this amazing opportunity!

Coordinating Volunteer Opportunities (Week of Jan. 16)

For this first week of my extended independent study, I’ve been reaching our to representatives and coordinators at various local arts organizations, including the Durham Arts Council, the Carrboro Arts Center, and NC Arts in Action, to see what volunteer opportunities are available for me. I am currently trying to coordinate my schedule to see which opportunities would fit best. Right now I am leaning towards volunteering at the NCAIA’s Saturday classes, but I have to figure out how I can get to Raleigh in order for this to be viable.