More teaching and demonstrating (Week of Feb 13)

This week I had my second session of volunteering at the NCAIA program. This weekend, two of the teachers from last week weren’t able to make it to class so it was just me and one other teacher. As a result, I ended up doing taking on more responsibility, teaching, and demonstrating more. I helped lead warmups, demonstrated all of the combinations, and took half the class to practice choreography and give corrections for the second half of class. It was super fun to be able to take on a larger role of teaching and interacting with the kids. I really enjoyed giving corrections and helping kids learn the choreography. It was also really heartwarming to connect with kids who I had begun forming relationships with last week. This session focused on picking up choreography quickly and learning the details of a combination. A choreographer taught the students African dance with live drumming and I could tell that the kids were excited about the new experience. It will be interesting to see what new dance styles we practice next week.