A third week of volunteering + brainstorming a partnership (Week of Feb 20)

For this third week of volunteering, the class focused more on contemporary dance and being able to pick up technical choreography. There were also acrobatic elements incorporated into the choreography and it was interesting to see some of the kids explore a new form of movement. We spent the second half of class researching different parts of North Carolina, its nature, and its culture. From what I gathered, they are doing a project outside of class about North Carolina and are incorporating dance into it as well.

The kids are becoming more comfortable with me and it’s been fun to get to know their unique personalities more. Talking with them during breaks and showing them some of my old acro tricks made them laugh a lot. One of the girls who I mentioned in a previous post even came up to me to say that I was her favorite dance teacher, which made my day.

I’m currently reaching out to Ms. Sutton again to brainstorm ideas for a long-term partnership between DA and NCAIA because I don’t want the work I’ve done to disappear once I graduate. NCAIA is an amazing organization and it would be awesome if other DA students can continue to participate in and help them with their mission.