Collaborative meeting + creating a partnership

This week I was able to schedule a meeting with myself, Ms. McDonald, Ms. Kim Demery (the project manager of the LEAP team at NCAIA), and Mr. Marlon Torres (the executive director of NCAIA). During the meeting, we discussed our ideas for what a long-term partnership between DA and NCAIA would look like. We concluded that the most beneficial partnership would be an internship that would be available for DA students to work as an assistant dance teacher with NCAIA over a longer period of time (ie: a quarter). We believe that having 1 to 2 committed volunteers would be more helpful to the NCAIA program because they would be able to get to know the kids and the structure of the program well. To begin working on this internship, I will be scheduling a meeting with Ms. Reed to discuss the logistics of creating a DA internship. Ms. McDonald will also be sending Ms. Kim our school schedule so that Ms. Kim can compare it to NCAIA’s schedule and determine how long the internship would last. I am really excited that we were able to have such a productive conversation!